Tainted gas leaves drivers stranded


Shirlby got the gas at the Durham /*BP Gas Station*/ at the corner of Club Blvd and Roxboro Road Monday night. Just after topping off, Shirlby said she barely made it home when the car just stopped.

She tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "I got to the top of the hill and it cut off." Her car was towed to /*Durham*/ Tire and Auto Company, and it didn't take long for them to see the problem.

Mechanic Gary Harris tells /*Troubleshooter Diane Wilson*/, "This is all water right here; if it had any fuel in there at all you would see a separation because water heavier than fuel and water would settle out."

He adds, Shirlby's tank of gas is about 80 percent water. He said typically this should be a pink transparent color; instead you can see it's murky and filled with dirt. He says, "The combination of dirt and water not a good thing."

Shirlby says she called the BP right away but got nowhere. Next she says she called the corporate office. She says, "At this point I'm without a car and no one is acting like it matters."

Even worse, to fix Shirlby's car a 4$24.00 dollar bill! Shirlby called Troubleshooter Diane Wilson. And she got good news, the rep from the corporate office called her and said they will pay Shirlby's full repair bill.

The rep also confirmed that with Troubleshooter Diane Wilson as he told her they've already paid the bills for the other drivers who filled up and had problems.

He said their goal is to get the driver's back on the road as quickly as possible. He also said the problem with the gas has been taken care of and their gas is now good.

He said the problem happened because there was a very small leak with the equipment, which allowed rainfall to get into their holding tank.

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