Bill Clinton continues campaign momentum


He's been his wife's most prominent campaign advocate and on his 5th trip to /*North Carolina*/, he hit on every single issue affecting Americans, touting Senator Clinton's plans for a better future.

"She'd be the best person to bring our troops home from /*Iraq*/, rebuild the military, take care of the veterans and fight the real war on terror," the former president said. "If you vote for her, she will take this country back to a balanced budget, give our children a future back and enforce the trade laws, whatever they are."

Even though former /*North Carolina*/ senator and presidential candidate John Edwards has remained neutral thus far, Clinton did not mention Edwards' wife, Elizabeth, when explaining Hillary's universal health care plan.

"Elizabeth Edwards, who to be fair has not taken a position in this primary, but she said Hillary's health care plan was better, and as you all know, she knows something about that issue," Clinton said.

He played off the momentum from last night's big primary win in Pennsylvania, saying it's obvious why /*Obama*/ won't be debating Senator Clinton in North Carolina.

"I saw the debate in Pennsylvania," he said. "Afterward, 41 percent of the voters watching it and by 52 to 22 they said Hillary won."

But Obama has won all the southern states so far except for Arkansas. If /*Senator Clinton*/ wants to end that streak, voters will have to believe her message of change over his.

Or you can take it from her husband.

"She's the best change maker I've ever known and she was before she ever had any public office."

/*Bill Clinton*/ is scheduled to make four additional stops across the state Wednesday.

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