Race for Durham DA gets heated


Flyers have brought the /*Duke lacrosse case*/ and Durham's former DA back in the spotlight, much to the frustration of prosecutor Tracy Cline.

"And that's the issue, juvenile crime, gangs in Durham County is the issue," Cline said.

The other issue that continues to follow DA candidate Cline, the infamous Duke lacrosse case and her former boss /*Mike Nifong*/.

Flyers from Freda Black's campaign were handed out in the Bull City Tuesday with a warning from the past to voters.

Black calls it a reminder why there is a new election. Cline says it is dirty campaigning.

"I'm telling you why I want to be DA, I don't need to throw mud at anybody else," Cline said.

Cline has repeatedly said she had no direct involvement in the Duke lacrosse case. Her opponents have challenged her story at every turn.

"She was in Nifong's inner circle and we cannot ignore that reality," Durham DA Candidate, Keith Bishop said.

Durham Attorney Keith Bishop is circulating his own flyers showcasing his plan for Durham along with pictures of Cline and Nifong. He says Durham needs a DA criminals fear.

"They never feared Nifong and they won't fear Ms. Cline," Bishop said.

Still, Cline vows to take a hard line against violent offenders, while developing an awareness campaign for juveniles. Issues she says should take center stage in the DA's race.

"We need to stay out of the way of the negative ads, the mudsling. Get engaged in Durham. We need to get involved with Durham," Cline said.

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