Sex-on-duty found common in HP review

RALEIGH The review was ordered last fall by Governor Easley after the dismissal of several troopers.

The review was done by the international risk consulting company known as KROLL.

According to the report, "Kroll heard patrol members of all ranks make comments to the effect that sex-on-duty has traditionally been perceived (or at least jokingly referred to as) an expected fringe benefit."

Many troopers interviewed say sex-on-duty used to be tolerated and treated far more leniently than it is now.

"The NCHSP is hardly unique on this issue, as police departments throughout the country have struggled with this and similar issues since the origins of their respective departments. Perhaps the only things that have changed over the years are the enhanced media scrutiny and society's perceptions and sensitivities," the report highlighted.

The KROLL team also reviewed statistics on hiring and turnover rates, media reports, actions alleging negligent supervision, alleged civil rights violations, ethics training and supervisory training.

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