Does it Work: Poop Freeze

Yes, you heard right. /*Poop Freeze*/, a nontoxic aerosol stool-solidifying spray. Its claim is to freeze-dry the droppings, so they're easier to pick up. But does it work?

We took Poop Freeze to a Raleigh dog park. Poop Freeze claims to chill droppings to -62 degrees Fahrenheit. The can sparked the interest of many canine owners.

One said, "If it actually worked it might be beneficial." Another added, "If it makes it easier to pick up I guess." But one immediate concern is that you have to spray both sides of the droppings.

Rich Lombardi said, "I have to flip the poo. I'd have to try one or two flips before I can advocate any products that ask you to flip dog poo. I'm not a fan of poo of any kind, flipping it is a weird thought for me."

But, we were still anxious to put it to the test. So, following directions we shake, and then lightly spray. Then the tricky part, flipping and spraying the other side.

Dave Fox said, "It was definitely not frozen but it is a little colder." While it was colder, it didn't make the job easier. Dave added, "Not necessary, didn't change the consistency enough to sell me on the product."

Dog owner, Rich Lombardi also wanted to see if all you have to is 'frost and toss". After one spray, he flipped it over and sprayed again. But no matter how many sprays, no poop freeze here.

So, with flipping and no freezing, Rich says this isn't something he'll trade his plastic bag in for. Rich added, "Thumbs up for the idea and someone wanting to make something, but thumbs down because it really didn't work."

We have to agree and give Poop Freeze a thumbs down. At $15 for a 10 oz can , it was a great idea but just didn't live up to the hype.

The owner of the product told me it's not supposed to 'freeze' it, just frost it, so it's easier to pick up. He also said it's important to spray slowly and not at full force.

Poop Freeze can also be used for cat and bird droppings too.

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