Woman dies after being hit by car


Donna Baker, 22, was walking with her fiance and her baby on Old School Road in Four Oaks Tuesday night when she was hit.

So far the Highway Patrol has not charged the driver in the crash; officers are expected to meet with the District Attorney here either Thursday or Friday morning.

The victim's parents remember a daughter they loved, and her fiance recounts witnessing her death to Eyewitness News.

"I kept telling her I loved her, the whole time. The whole time. She was going to be my wife we were engaged," Fiance, Michael Beaver said.

Despite his efforts, the efforts of paramedics and doctors at Duke Hospital, Beaver, 24, lost his fiance Donna Baker Tuesday night.

He was pushing her 13-month-old daughter in a stroller alongside the road; Baker was on the edge of the pavement when a car struck them from behind.

"It just took her, took her away, It just took her away. She flew up near the power lines, he had to be going at least 60." Beaver said.

So far the Highway Patrol says speed was not a factor, the driver has said the sun was in his eyes. He lives next door to Donna's father, Tommy Baker, who rushed to the scene.

"When they brought her out of the ambulance they let me kiss her and I told her I loved her," Baker said.

"There wasn't nothing that she wouldn't do for anyone if she could and she loves her daughter and her family," Donna Baker's Mother Lynn Baker said.

Family says Donna's daughter is oblivious to the loss, and they will make sure she knew how much her mother loved her.

Her fiance says he knows she is in a better place. Messages he got when he opened his Bible on the way to the hospital.

"Son of Peter asked him, 'Lord where are you going?' Jesus replied, 'Where I'm going you cannot follow now but you'll follow later,'' Beaver said. "Then right here, 'the walls were made of jasper,' like describing heaven, she just gave her life to God at the altar last Sunday. I know that's where she went."

Donna beaver were both struggling to find work and couldn't afford a car, that's why they were walking.

Her grandmother died last week and her uncle, last month. The family says they not sure how they are going to pay for her funeral.

The Four Oaks Church of God is accepting donations for Donna Baker's funeral.

People can send donations to the Donna Baker Family at Four Oaks Church of God PO Box 447 Four Oaks, NC 27524.

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