Former President Carter in the Triangle


Carter is touring the country to promote his latest book, which honors his late mother.

Dozens came out to the Sam's Club in Durham to get their copies of Jimmy Carter's latest work signed by the former president himself.

"He was a good person; I admire him a lot," said Susanne Brooks, who attended the event.

Carter charmed each with a smile and a signature befitting of a celebrity.

"I thought he was very nice, I think he was a good president. I was excited to see him," Carter Admirer, Hallie Wheeler said.

The 83-year-old's newest book titled "A Remarkable Mother" highlights Lillian Carter, a woman he describes as Christian and humble, who worked as a nurse in poor black communities and later became an international humanitarian.

He focused the conversation on her. He says mother would be pleased to see such a competitive presidential race with the potential of electing a minority.

"I think she would be extremely excited to see the possibility of a Black person to be elected president or a woman," Carter said. "She would be delighted to see it be highly competitive like this, I think she would say to both candidates don't give up."

Carter, however, would like to see at least one of the candidates drop out, but would not say who.

"I hope it'll end very soon after the first week in June and after that I'm going to endorse somebody, but not until then," he said.

"He hasn't fully come out and endorsed Obama, but he has made references to Obama in his comments and I do believe he fully endorses Obama," Carter Admirer, Norma Martin said.

The former president is the last democrat to win North Carolina in a general election.

He is a senior super delegate who will eventually help decide if either Clinton or Obama will get his party's nomination.

He will also sign books at the Wal-Mart in Clayton on Friday.

Carter is just returning from the Middle East where he upset both the Bush Administration and Israel for holding talks with the leader of the militant group Hamas.

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