County commissioner, sales tax on Cumberland ballot

May 6, 2008 8:46:09 AM PDT
In addition to the national candidates, voters in Cumberland County are voting for one county commissioner and an important sales tax.

Cumberland has more than 12,000 registered voters this election than two years ago. Many of those voters took advantage of one-stop voting.

Voters lined up early Tuesday morning at E.E. Smith High School. Volunteers working the polls noticed plenty of smiles on the faces of headed to cast their ballots.

"People today are so happy," volunteer Kathy Blackmon said. "They are ready to vote. They're up early and they're ready for change."

The candidates didn't take Fayetteville lightly. Michelle Obama made a surprise visit Monday on behalf of her husband.

And Hillary Clinton recently surrounded herself with retired general officers during a rally at Methodist University.

"And it's so important for North Carolina to have an opportunity to speak loud and clear about not being satisfied with the way things are and we want a change," Fayetteville resident Joseph Dunham said.

Cumberland County residents are also voting on a .25 percent sales tax. The money will build a new health department, library and school. If the measure passes, commissioners say they will cut property taxes for home owners.

"It sort of spreads the tax burden a little bit more so that the property owners aren't carrying it for everybody else," Fayetteville resident Holly Ritcher said. "I think in Fayetteville that's particularly important because we have a lot of people that are out-of-staters and don't actually own property but still use all the facilities in Fayetteville."

Most voters Eyewitness News spoke to say they are excited about the presidential race, and it's hard to believe this is just the primary. There is plenty more excitement to come in November.