Jordan Lake body investigated as suspicious


A woman made the call to 911 just after 10 a.m. She was driving over a bridge at /*Robeson Creek*/ when she saw a fisherman flagging her down.

The woman said the man was fishing when he saw what turned out to be a /*body*/.

She got out of her car and saw the body floating face down in the lake.

Sheriff officials have not released the person's identity but say it's a Hispanic man. He was wearing a t-shirt and boxer shorts.

Authorities also found pants, which included a cell phone and wallet, floating nearby. The wallet contained a local ID.

The cause of death is unknown and they do not know how long the body had been in the water. However, the body was badly decomposed.

Two hours after the discovery, quality water tester Wesley Yance was at the bridge conducting regular water quality tests at a popular fishing spot along the bridge.

The woman who made the call to 911 said she will never go in the water again.

Along the creek bank, detectives found two pairs of shoes with socks neatly tucked inside. That might suggest two people went for a swim.

The Chatham County's Sheriff's Department has no reports of a missing person in Chatham County matching the victim's general description.

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