RBC Plaza becomes Raleigh's tallest building

RALEIGH The new 130-foot spire-like that tops the RBC Plaza building gleamed in the sun as workers eased it into position. Apex resident, Rhonda Quattlebaum noticed the skyline change. "Yes! The little peak is on the top of the tower there! I think it's pretty. It looks a little like a cathedral, very spiritual, because of the steeple," Quattlebaum said.

David Diaz of the Downtown Raleigh Alliance says having the new signature building topped off says a lot about the city. "I really hope the race is on in downtown, I hope to see more buildings that are taller than this one. I think our market can really support it," Diaz added, "Having a prominent skyline is very important to the downtown and the image of the Triangle, to show off the facr that we've got a strong urban center that's growing."

Downtown boosters hope the new spire will be a beacon - attracting more new businesses and people interested in exploring Raleigh.

It's already inspiring plans for one return visit from Rhonda Quattlebaum. "My husband and I need to take an afternoon, a day, and spend it in downtown Raleigh!"

According to RaleighSkyline.com the 30-story, 530-foot tall tower along Martin and Fayetteville Street will be the tallest building in downtown Raleigh.

The tower is scheduled for completion in 2008 at a cost of $100 million. The top 11 floors will include 150 residential condominiums. At street level, a branch bank and 17,700 square feet of retail space.

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