Tax payers concerned about stimulus checks


The only problem is some people are not getting them when the government has said they were supposed to.

A lot of taxpayers are going online to track the status of their stimulus check.

"Others were receiving their stimulus checks so I checked online," tax payer, Mike Anderson said. "Payment of $1500 scheduled on May 23 don't contact us until June 20."

According to the IRS website, he may not get his money until June 20, much later than May 2, the day he was supposed to have it directly deposited into his checking account. And he is not alone.

"I was just trying to be patient and wait and see if I'm going to get it but I haven't received mine yet," said Brian Broadney, another tax payer.

An IRS spokesperson tells Eyewitness News that there are no known problems with the direct deposit system, but there are different reasons why some will now get a paper check sent later in the mail instead.

"It could be because their account no longer exists, the bank account they had it paid to no longer exists, it could be because they used a slip disbursement with their refund it could also be because they used a refund anticipation loan," IRS Spokesperson Mark Hanson said.

The reasons do not sit well with taxpayers who are having trouble getting their money.

"Paying bills and doing something special for the kids," Broadney said.

"We're going to try to invest it locally some yard projects, furniture, we're going to try to do what it's intended to do and that's to stimulate the economy, more importantly the local economy here in Raleigh where we live." Anderson added.

Other taxpayers say their checks were directly deposited sooner than they were expecting.

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