Bill to bring back red light cameras


A new bill has been drafted that would work out the legal issues that shut off the cameras in the first place.

Everybody is excited the plan to bring back red light cameras that automatically takes photos of people who run red lights.

"There may be someone in front of you that will keep you, that will prevent you from getting there and you go through the light may be red, may be green. But by the time they slow up its yellow and red." Fayetteville Resident, Sherry Gamble said.

"We think that the program is good for a lot of reasons. We think that it certainly promotes safety throughout the community," said Wanda McPhaul, with Cumberland County Schools.

Attorneys are working out legal kinks that would give the school system cash and provide operating capital for the company that maintains the cameras.

Once the agreement is finalized, it would not be difficult to get the cameras back installed. The conduit is still in the ground and bolts are ready for mounting."

"It always gives you an apprehension when you come up to the light am I going to be, you know, am I going to have to break real quick not to go through the light so I don't get a $75 ticket," Fayetteville Resident, Ralph Vogt said.

The new plan would increase fines from $50 to $75 a ticket.

School leaders say the red light cameras could add an addition $600,000 a year to the school system's budget.

"Then that money would be used directly to put into safety concerns in the school system …GPS systems on the buses, cameras on the buses," McPhaul said.

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