Teens allegedly deface classmate's house


In /*Willow Spring*/, two teenage girls are allegedly responsible for the incident.

Veronica Brown is trying to understand why two East Garner Middle School students, who ride the bus with her daughter, vandalized her home.

"Last night I cried, I was torn up about it," Brown said. "They put monkey, I'm in the KKK, hoe, KKK."

She discovered the racist slurs Saturday night on the front porch steps.

When I saw her name on my doormat that is when I found out it had something to do with my daughter.

It was plastered on all four sides of the house, and there are holes punctured in the siding.

"She just said another little girl and her had a dispute, but it was nothing that she would come home and talk to me about, because it was just a girl rolling her eyes at her," Brown said.

When Brown called police about the defacement she said, "They went over there and talked to the girls, the girls confessed and said, 'yeah we did it'."

But she is upset more is not being done.

"The cops didn't do anything about it though; they just talked to them and talked to their parents. Their parents were supposed to be meeting with me at 3 p.m. today and I've heard nothing from them," Brown said.

Veronica intends to press charges if the girl's parents don't repair the damages, but others in her family want to see this settled out of court.

"Kids are kids, we do stupid things. I think they should be reprimanded so they know what they did is absolutely wrong, but as far as a police record I wouldn't want that to happen to anyone's child," Victim's Aunt, Gladys Sanders said.

Eyewitness News spoke with the mother of one of the girls accused of defacing the home Monday, and she says they intend to pay for the repairs.

As for punishment at school, Brown says she would like to see the girls removed, but is leaving that decision up to the school administration.

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