Wilkins pleads guilty to bigamy charges


Keron Wilkins plead guilty at the wake county courthouse Tuesday and is now a free man. But he never shed light on how many women he is really married to.

Wilkins has been behind bars for three weeks awaiting his day in court, although the charge against him did not require jail time.

The charge of bigamy is for marriage to two women, but eyewitness news has learned of at least three marriages.

Chaka Wilkins --the first to marry Keron Wilkins-- sat in the back of the courtroom.

Dawn Stone-Wilkins --the most recent to marry Keron—was unable to make it to court, but she has shared her March wedding pictures last month with Eyewitness News.

Keron was wearing the same blue shirt and tie he wore in wedding pictures taken three years earlier when he married a third woman, Jenean, the same name he has tattooed on his chest.

Some of his wives think there are more.

"They tell me that there are in fact other victims, that there are wives I believe in Arizona and in Florida. And they're trying to get authorities to investigate those cases as well," Prosecutor, Susan Spurlin said.

Spurlin said in addition to two years of probation, fines and court costs, she would like the judge to order a psychological evaluation of Keron, despite an objection from his attorney.

"There is some need for an explanation as to why someone engages in this type of criminal activity particularly should there be other folks out there," Wake District Court Judge Anne Salisbury said.

Unless Keron talks or more charges are filed, no one may never know how many wives he had or what motivated his polygamy.

The only clue may be from Jenean, the wife in Atlanta. She says it was for the money she lavished on him.

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