Heroin houses raided in Fayetteville


Deputies raided a home on Muscat Road last week and a home on Englewood Drive early Wednesday morning and seized 64 individual units of heroin packaged into dime sized plastic baggies and 25.14 grams of unpackaged heroin.

Numerous digital scales, various packaging materials and a substance identified as "Mannitolo," which is used as a cutting agent for heroin were also found. Agents have confiscated a truck load of stolen property to include; electronics, lawn equipment, power tools and a five gallon bucket filled with currency.

The homes are known residences in Fayetteville that are being used to traffic illegal drugs. The properties were maintained by runners who assisted in distributing large quantities of heroin to customers. The homes are identified as hubs for the operation and a storage place for large cash proceeds.

Agents are searching for 53-year old James Willis Gamble on narcotics violations. Gamble has been convicted of numerous violent felonies and narcotics violations in the past.

He was charged with murder in 1989, but pled down to accessory after the fact to voluntary manslaughter. He received a ten year confinement in 1992.

Anyone with information regarding Gamble's whereabouts is urged to contact the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office at (910) 323-1500.

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