Children testify in Paddock trial


Jurors heard graphic testimony of abuse from four other children who used to live with paddock.

The children described what it was like living with Lynn, before the woman was charged with murdering their younger biological brother, Sean.

Jurors listened as they spoke of being beaten and tormented.

"It was miserable and hard," Daughter, Kayla Paddock said.

The four children who took the stand had very similar accounts of what it was like living with their adoptive mother.

"She always beat me, whatever I did, she beat me," 11-year-old Kayla said.

Based on the judge's orders, eyewitness news is not showing 9-year-old Hanna, 10-year-old David, 11-year-old Kayla and 17-year-old Ray.

The children said Lynn forced them to jump on a mini-trampoline for hours on end, without stopping, no matter how exhausted they were.

They say she also made sure the kids did not speak.

"Lynn Paddock was putting duct tape on my [lips], not sure why though," 9-year-old Hanna said.

They say even bathroom visits were limited. Hanna explained what happened once when she went in her bed, because she was too afraid to get up.

"When I went into the room the poop that I threw on the floor, Lynn made me eat it and I almost threw up," Hanna said.

10-year-old David Voorencamp testified about another time when he got sick and vomited.

"She made me eat it," he said.

The children say they were wrapped tightly in a blanket each night before bed, which is how police say their 4-year-old brother Sean was killed.

Kayla recalls checking on her little brother the day he died.

"I felt his chest to see if he was still moving, and he wasn't breathing. I went back to the room and wrapped myself back up, scared," she said.

Throughout the emotional testimony, Lynn took notes and at times, would turn away to wipe her tears.

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