Pilot remains hospitalized after I-85 crash


/*Richard Fuller*/, a /*Durham County Sheriff's Deputy*/, was airlifted to /*UNC Hospitals*/ after his plane went down.

Pilots at Durham's /*Lake Ridge Airport*/ all know what happened Friday night, when Fuller's single engine plane crashed on I-85.

"What went wrong? Was it pilot error, or was it the plane," Student Pilot, George Barrett said.

Barrett doesn't know fuller. But he depends on the airstrip that's partially owned by fuller.

He says sometimes it's just a challenge flying in and out of the airfield, and concentration while piloting a plane is important.

"That's the biggest concern, getting over that tree top and making sure you're configured properly. If you've got a crosswind, you have to work with that crosswind," Barrett said. "You check for traffic. You look for traffic; you figure the area across for landing. It's kind of multitasking, if you like that kind of thing."

The /*FAA*/'s investigating the crash, while Fuller remains in the hospital.

Fuller was originally listed in critical following the crash, but is in good condition.

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