Unidentified man accused of Wal-Mart assault


More than one dozen cameras can be seen from the store's parking lot. Signs even publicize the presence of cameras outside and inside the store.

So the question remains, what is a man doing rubbing up against a woman in house wares?

"I don't know," shopper Libby Powers responded. "This area seems like it's a pretty nice area."

Powers could not believe that the victim, who says the man rubbed his genital against her, took pictures of the man.

She snapped pictures she confronted the man and he tries to get away.

"That's pretty brave," Powers said. "I think I would have been a little in shock and I don't know if I would have reacted that quickly."

The victim thinks others should be aware of the encounter and Powers agrees.

"He would probably do it in any store if he would do it in a Wal-Mart, where there's so many people," Powers said. "I don't think it matters what type of store it is."

Both powers and Raleigh Police figured the incident may not be the first time the man has victimized someone.

"It's the sort of experience that some people would report, others might just be so startled by it they wouldn't know exactly what to do," /*Raleigh Police Department*/ spokesperson Jim Sughrue said. "If anyone else has had a similar experience we would ask them to come forward."

Police say /*Wal-Mart*/ is cooperating. Investigators are trying to figure out if the store has surveillance pictures that can be matched to the ones taken by the victim.

Even though the contact between the suspect and the victim did not involve bare skin, police say is was a /*sexual assault*/.

Powers fears what may come next. "If someone's willing to do that, they'd probably be willing to take the next step."

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