Eve Carson murder investigation nearly complete


The UNC standout was gunned down in a Chapel Hill neighborhood in early March. ATM surveillance photos of her alleged killers sparked an aggressive search, leading to the arrests of two suspects. Laurence Lovette, Junior, 17, and Demario Atwater, 21, were charged with first degree murder. There have been no other arrests. Police continue to question key witnesses in the case.

"A great majority of the investigation has been completed," said Orange County District Attorney Jim Woodall, "I think literally by the end of this month they will be at the point where they will be wrapping up lose ends."

The details of the investigation have been closely guarded. Search warrants were sealed under a judge's order to protect informants who came forward with helpful information. The details in Eve Carson's autopsy report will be the focus of a court hearing on Wednesday in Hillsborough. A local newspaper will ask a judge to release the document to the public. Prosecutors want the report, which could detail how Carson was killed and the type of weapon, to remain sealed.

"[The] information that's in that autopsy report, only a few people would know that information. Police are still involved in some interviews," Woodall told ABC11 Eyewitness News, "And it's important that when they interview people, certain people may know some things about the cause and manner about Eve Carson's death and the only way they could know about that is if they got that information from someone who may have been a participant."

Friends of the slain UNC student also want the document sealed. Not a day goes by for Harrison Jobe without thoughts of Eve Carson. Jobe befriended Carson when he lived across the street from her at the time of her murder. He believes the attention surrounding the case could do more harm than good.

"I just don't think it's appropriate to be releasing all this information before the trial takes place," Jobe said. "It's such a tragedy and it's sad it's turned into such a circus. Hopefully, we can learn something from this. It's the only solace I think we can take from this."

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