Woman charged with prostitution via website

CARY, NC A woman was arrested after Cary investigators got a number off Craigslist and information from workers at the Red Roof Inn at Crossroads.

Craigslist has become a popular site for people who want to sell something: find a job, discuss an issue, or even have a "casual encounter." According to a Cary police search warrants, one recent ad on the site read, "Exclusive companion for all your dreams and desires."

The ad led them to the Red Roof Inn at Crossroads – where Linwood Johnson and his wife are staying as they visit their son in Cary.

On one hand they were surprised to hear that Yvette Russell, 20, was arrested in room 212. On the other hand, Ginny Johnson says they weren't really shocked. "It's worldwide and it can happen anywhere. People are making money however they can particularly in hard times."

In this case the world's oldest profession showed that it can certainly adapt to the times by going high tech. By using the Internet, prostitutes are probably reaching a wider audience.

"My son had just called because he got a car on Craigslist," Linwood Johnson said. "That's why I knew so much about it. But that's an interesting place to put that kind of information."

According to search warrants police found a number on the website, called it and arranged to meet Russell at room 212 in the Red Roof Inn.

Employees at the hotel apparently said they suspected something was going on when men would go to the room, stay a while and leave. One man even asked if there was an ATM at the hotel.

Police say Russell was charging $200.

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