The future of waiting patiently


Typically in the doctor's office, you pass the time with a magazine, book, or just staring off into space. But /*WiSpots*/ are revolutionizing your wait.

President and CEO Kevin Flannery says, "They can check in, fill out surveys, sign up for clinical trials, surf the Web, check your email and play games."

It's just like your own personal computer. You just walk up to the tower, and pick up the WiPad. It's geared towards any age group as you can search the Web and get your financial news, sports, weather and e-mail.

There are even games to preoccupy little ones. It's completely free to the patient. The only catch there's advertisements.

Ads not only run on the screen while sitting idle, but when you use the WiPads, you see several banner ads while searching the net, that's how WiSpots makes their money.

/*Triangle Orthopaedics*/ is the pilot site; they have several WiPads for waiting patients.

Patti O'Neal says, "It just occupies your time. It makes it a whole lot better than sitting here being bored." Alex'as and Angela Patterson say their wait times seem much shorter with WiSpots. They search the internet; check e-mails and says it gives them something to do.

WiSpots is based out of Apex. The only cost to doctor's office is the initial set up charge for the equipment, then a monthly maintenance fee. But, once a certain percentage of advertising is sold, the doctor's office gets a cut of that.

The patients we talked to said it's definitely made their wait easier.

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