Hung out to dry


She fought for 5 months to get her suit back but says she eventually got tired of the runaround.

Sheila says when it comes to her missing lime green dress, she's heard it all from/*Dry Clean City*/ in Durham. She says, "Initially when I went to pick up the dress it had spots at the top, it looked like starch spots. He said they would reclean it." But cleaning it again didn't do much good.

Sheila adds, "I went back and they still had the same spots and said they would reclean it again." Sheila says she continued to stay on Dry Clean City. She says, "I kept calling.

My sister even went by 5 or 6 times and he said we will just pay you for the dress and that never happened."

So with no dress or no payment, Sheila didn't know what else to do. She tells Troubleshooter, "I don't know if he couldn't find it, or couldn't get spots out and just never tried to clean it the dress, but every time I went back the same spots were there so at that point I just called the Troubleshooter."

/*Troubleshooter*/ Diane Wilson called Dry Clean City several times, they never called her back, but Sheila got a call. She says they told her they have her dress to come get it. She adds, "It's not really pressed really well but the spots are gone. So I was like let me get my dress and let's go."

So Sheila now has her dress back and the spots are gone. She said when she picked it up at Dry Clean City, an employee told her they were under new management. No one from Dry Clean City returned Troubleshooter Diane Wilson's calls for comment.

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