Operation Restoration renovates homes


That's what a southeast Raleigh woman is getting, thanks to volunteers with the/*Raleigh Rescue Mission*/.

Dozens of people spent Saturday working on the home to kick off /*Operation Restoration*/. It's a project to help the entire neighborhood.

"I've been in this house for over 20 years, and this is the first time that anybody has come to do anything for me," 75-year-old Mamie Pope said..

About 40 volunteers with the Raleigh Rescue Mission showed worked on exterior renovations to Pope's home, which totaled more than $20,000. They did everything from installing new windows to painting, cleaning and putting on a new roof..

"I think it is absolutely remarkable," Pope said. "I tell you honey, it's a blessing. It's an absolute blessing for me. At the age I am now, my health is not as good as it used to be. I didn't see how i could do it.".

According to Bruce Storer of the Raleigh Rescue Mission, Pope is on a fixed income and couldn't not have done all of the renovations herself..

Six other homes in southeast Raleigh eventually will have work completed on them as part of Operation Restoration..

"The southeast section of Raleigh historically has always been the poorest section of Raleigh," Storer said. "It's also been one the city has not invested a lot to. At least that's what the neighborhood believes. So we thought that was a good place to start.".

Pope was nominated for the program by a neighbor..

"Honey, God works in mysterious ways, and to tell you the truth, it was just another blessing of someone thinking about someone else," Pope said.

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