Storm damage, high winds, funnel clouds?

DURHAM "Just happened to be standing in the kitchen, and---whoa," he told Eyewitness News on Monday morning as he described the /* funnel cloud*/, he was surprised by its strength and size.

"Very small," he said," very concentrated."

Davis stated that it lasted only about 30 seconds.

He said, that was long enough to take out several small trees in his neighborhood while cutting its own path through fences, shrubs and more trees. For skeptics who might challenge his description of the rough weather, Davis pointed to some light colored pine straw in a circular pattern, surrounded by newer, darker pine straw. He believes the small funnel cloud must have touched down at that point and spread that pine straw around before taking out a nearby tree.

Whatever it was it left most of the buildings in the neighborhood alone, while snapping several more trees in two.

Something small, but mighty says Davis: "It wasn't a big cloud, it wasn't no bigger around than that tree."

Other trees in the Triangle, like a large one we spotted that snapped and fell on Hope Valley Road, took a hit from Sunday's rough weather.

But it appears Davis lives in the only community where someone reported seeing nature cut a swath through green parts of a neighborhood while sparing cars and homes.

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