New Cary gym just for kids

CARY Fitwize 4 Kids is a new fitness center designed just for kids aged 6-15. The goal is to teach the kids exercise can be fun and eating healthy can be easy.

Ten year old Emilio Ochoa sums up his time at Fitwize 4 Kids by simply saying, "It's cool."

That is also how Alexis Gustin describes the 45 minute circuit training she does as a member of the new first of its kind gym just for kids.

"It kind of feels like playing," said Gustin. "You don't know you're exercising."

Fun while being healthy is exactly what Fitwize owner Kelly Duffey was going for when she decided to start the center for kids ages 6 to 15.

"I realized the problem with childhood obesity," said Duffey. "We have the capability to train both levels and everybody in between."

But, the training isn't to try to make kids into bodybuilders according to the staff. "It's just trying to get kids interested in general health from an early age," said general manager Carey Phelps.

All of the equipment at the gym is designed for kids growing bodies.

"It puts kids in the proper position for any exercise they are going to do," said Phelps. "The weighted equipment also makes sure that the kids are lifting the proper amount of weight at the proper speed."

Coaches oversee the workouts making sure the kids are safely exercising. After workouts, the kids often hit the kitchen to learn next door to learn about healthy eating from a registered dietician.

While stirring her healthy snack, 11 year old Hunter Wolf explains, "We're making a healthy salsa. We're learning how to know what you're eating and knowing what's in that food and what exactly has been put into it."

10 year old Emilio Ochoa says he's learning "about how to eat healthy and your portions on your plate."

Fitwize 4 Kids offers summer camps, and track out programs along with memberships.

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