Doctor first in N.C. to offer collagen mask


Echt says the mask is an alternative to skin injections and fillers to promote /*collagen*/ production.

Patsy Haynes learned about the collagen mask at her annual visit to Dr. Echt's office and was excited to try it with her 60th birthday approaching.

"It's non-invasive," said Haynes. "So, for someone who just wants a lift and does not want to go under the knife, I think it's perfect for that."

So far, Haynes has only undergone one thirty-minute treatment, but says she noticed immediate results.

"Diminished lines around the eyes," said Haynes. "Especially on the forehead and skin brightness."

Raleigh Dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Echt says the mask is popular with patients because it's a hypoallergenic alternative to fillers or injections like Botox with little down time.

"They've worked with the collagen molecules to sort of cut off the ends that have the most allergenic potential," said Echt. "It also has negative ionic properties, and, that's why it's absorbed better into the skin. We're excited to have something new that's not offered elsewhere. This was formulated so it will go through layers of the skin and really help plump up the collagen underneath."

Echt says best results from the mask are seen when patients do 6 to 8 weekly treatments while using a daily serum at home. For Patsy Haynes, being one of the first in the state to use it is the best birthday present she could have asked for.

"If one [treatment] does what this did, I can't imagine what 8 treatments would do!" exclaimed Haynes.

The collagen mask treatments are FDA registered, and don't have to be FDA approved because there is no drug involved. Because it is a cosmetic procedure, insurance does not cover treatments.

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