Jury still out in Jakeim Wilson trial


Wilson spent another day in court with his head hung low. Many courtroom observers expressed surprise at the length of the deliberations. The jury asked several questions.

Most recently they wanted to see a transcript of earlier witness testimony.

"In my discretion I'm denying that request," Wake County Superior Court Judge Henry Hight told the jury.

Jurors wanted to read testimony given by eyewitness Roderick Howell.

"I saw her body," Howell testified. "She wasn't wearing any clothes. There was a lot of blood everywhere."

Howell told the court Wilson picked him up along with and another man named Jamie Holder one night in February 2007.

He said Wilson drove them to the house Wilson shared with his wife and two small children. Howell said he had no idea they were being taken to a murder scene.

Howell and Holder testified they were scared, and what happened next scared them even more.

"He says that if me and 'Choc' don't help him then he's gonna kill us too," Holder said.

So Holder and Howell said they helped stage the scene to look like a gang murder.

Holder said Wilson even forced him to write a message in Nneka Wilson's blood on the kitchen floor. He continued, telling jurors that at one point as the three cleaned up blood in the couple's bedroom, Wilson used Nneka's brush to scrub the carpet.

"He said that b----, she's not gonna need her hairbrush no more, [and] started scrubbing the floor with it," Holder said.

In the midst of deliberations, jurors were allowed to examine the murder weapons (two knives) again.

They also wanted to know how Wilson is pleading since he has openly admitted killing his wife. The judge told them not guilty.

Jurors were sent home Wednesday afternoon and will resume deliberations Thursday morning.

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