Multiple murder suspect reveals more details

RALEIGH, NC Thursday during a hearing on the status of Cooper's case, prosecutors told a Wake County judge they expect Cooper's lawyers to try to suppress a statement given to police.

You may recall that Cooper did a jailhouse interview with Eyewitness News shortly after his arrest. Despite the fact that sources tell Eyewitness News that Cooper has confessed to five murders, he denied killing five people. Cooper laughed as he denied the charges, "Naw. They got to prove all that."

Raleigh Police and the Wake County Sheriff's Office filed murder charges against Cooper in the following cases.

  • The May 12, 2006, murder of Osama "Samuel" Haj-Hussein, who was shot to death inside the In & Out Mart on Creech Road
  • The June 3, 2006, murder of Leroy Jernigan, who was shot to death inside the Circus Restaurant on Wake Forest Road
  • The April 27, 2007, murder of Timothy Barnwell, who was shot to death outside his apartment on Sunbow Falls Lane
  • The October 12, 2007, murder of Rickey High, who was shot to death on N. Tarboro Road
  • The October 14, 2007 murder of Tariq Hussain, who was shot to death inside Bobby's Grocery on Garner Road

Cooper is also facing charges in Rockingham County for home invasion.

He was captured the day before Thanksgiving 2007 by Garner Police after allegedly robbing a bank. That's the one charge he didn't deny during our jailhouse interview. "Of course. I was caught red handed," Cooper said.

Now it appears Cooper has also done an interview with police, but during the hearing at the Wake County Courthouse Thursday, prosecutors did not reveal what Cooper said.

During the hearing a tentative trial date for Cooper was set for September 2009. The judge also ordered prosecutors to turn over all evidence in the case to defense attorneys within 30 days. Prosecutors say they have already given Cooper's attorneys 22,000 pages of evidence and are still sorting through several other boxes themselves.

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