Local transit system to replace some buses

FAYETTEVILLE The new vehicles for the Fayetteville Area System of Transit won't be used to expand routes or hours, but will replace older buses. This year, the engine compartments in the rear of the older buses caught fire on two occasions and caused delays.

Transit Director Ron Macaluso has made on-time schedules a priority. Late buses have been a chief complaint among riders in recent years.

The city said each bus cost $342,000 and each van cost $36,000. The Federal Transit Administration paid 83 percent of the costs, with the city and state sharing the rest.

Not including the new vehicles FAST has 16 buses. The old buses will be salvaged or auctioned off. The new, air-conditioned buses seat 32 riders or 26 passengers when up to two people in wheelchairs ride. The vans seat 10.

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