Money ranks Cary on best cities list

CARY, NC Cary, known for its postcard perfect scenery, quaint storefronts and suburban living has convinced many including Nan Mangrum home. "We love it. Our children are here, our family."

This year Cary is #16 on Money magazine's list of best places to live - a slight drop in the town's top five ranking just two years ago. Eric Schurenbur, editor with Money explains, "Cary's had some challenges keeping up with the growth. It's a very popular place. A lot of people want to move there and things are getting a little tight in traffic and schools."

The popular community touts a population of more than 127,000. That's more than a 4 percent increase since last year. "I think the progress is great," Nan Mangrum said. "Especially in a small town. It gives more and more opportunity. More things to do… the arts. I think it's a good thing."

Buck Sloan agrees his hometown is a great place to live. But the 90-year-old admits all the change hasn't been all good. "I've seen the mayors go and come. The councilman go and come. It just kept going, it just doesn't stop and it won't stop."

The rankings are based on a variety of elements that include schools, crime and affordable housing.

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