Troubleshooter: Bad Roads

Franklin County The neighborhood is fairly new, and the streets are already crumbling and pot holes are only getting worse. Residents Jason Horay and Chad Oliver say they're fed up with the broken promises that the streets will be fixed. Jason says, "There's cracks in it and it continues to get worse as the weather gets bad and as people continue to drive over top of them. It's not just tough for the drivers but also tough on the kids.

Chad adds, "I think the worst part for me is that there are a lot of kids and students that live here in this part of our development. The buses won't come back here and they refuse to come back here to drive around. The kids from here to walk all the way down to where the bus is about at least a half-mile walk."

Residents in the Brassfield Woods subdivision say they've complained to Saad Toma. He's the investor who bought the land from the developer. But the homeowners say that only lead to empty promises. Jason said, "The contractors have not followed through, he can't find a reliable contractor, the price is too much." And the residents say the DOT won't take over the streets until they're fixed.

These residents turned to Troubleshooter Diane Wilson. The investor Saad Toma told her he doesn't think he's responsible as he says he did not develop the land. He says he bought the land from the developer who already had the streets in when he bought it. But Saad said as a gesture of good will he wants to fix the streets. It's welcome news that these residents say they'll believe when they see it. Chad adds, "I'm excited but I'm not sure it's going to happen yet. I'm still waiting to see. We've had a lot of things told that were going to be done but nothing's really happened. They've come and marked the road probably about 20 times.

Saad Toma assures Troubleshooter Diane Wilson he's a man of his word and says the streets will be fixed. He said he did find a contractor to do the job. He says it will take about a month to get started but promises to get it done. We'll stay on it, and let you know how it turns out.

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