Fort Bragg paratroopers return from Iraq

FORT BRAGG About 300 members of the 82nd Airborne Division 1st Brigade Combat team are back home.

The unit spent 13 months training Iraqi security forces. They arrived at Green Ramp about 12:30 Thursday.

A moment the Middleton sisters have been waiting for. After little more than a year, their dad, Sfc. Raymond Middleton is back home.

"Hairs are shorter; they look a little older, a little taller. Probably until we get to the house, you know home and probably see how they are," Middleton said.

The unit has been to Iraq four times.

"I think it's different because the Iraq Security Forces, the Army and the Police are really the ones that are carrying a heavy, heavy load," 1st BCT Commander Col. Charlie Flynn said.

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