Ants invading Triangle homes


Mike Edwards of Frontier Pest Control straps on his backpack filled with environmentally safe chemicals to get rid of ants.

"The first thing we do is we go out make an inspection," Edwards says.

Then he sprays. "I find them under rocks," Edwards explains. "I pull back the mulch, I spray under the mulch."

According to Edwards, the pets love sidewalks and moldings.

More and more ants are popping up in the Triangle Edwards says. "I just got off the phone with other pest control companies and they are saying the same thing that they have more calls about ants this summer than last summer, and if they are the outside, they could soon be on the inside."

Edwards says the "next thing you know, they're all on the counter in your kitchen. They're in your cupboard, they're in the sugar in the cupboard. It's a nightmare."

He also says the insect comes inside because its ants season and the weather is hot. Ants are trying to stay cool and are looking for food.

"Sanitation is important," Edwards says.

But when it's too late, experts recommend you take matters into your own hands.

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