Angry RDU passengers wait in 4-hour line


The line at the /*U.S. Airways*/ ticket counter in Terminal A extends past the baggage claim area. From seniors to infants, some customers have stood in line for more than four hours.

/*RDU*/ officials said the back up started early Thursday morning as several airlines struggled to rebook flights for passengers who were left stranded overnight.

Several frustrated U.S. Airways passengers tell /*Eyewitness News*/ they've missed their flights because of long lines and a lack of communication.

Passengers said airline workers told them they were too understaffed to inform passengers that they could avoid the long wait by checking in using an electronic kiosk.

Earlier this month, U.S. Airways fired its skycaps, eliminating curbside check-in. Angry passengers said curbside service may have shortened their wait time Thursday morning.

RDU officials anticipate the backlog of passengers to clear up by the afternoon. Calls to U.S. Airways were not immediately returned.

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