Friends file statements in Cooper investigation

CARY, NC Nancy Cooper, 34, was reported missing by a friend on Saturday, July 12. Her body was found at a construction site a few days later.

As Brad Cooper fights for custody of their two children, ugly allegations are surfacing through affidavits filed by friends of Nancy Cooper.

Read those affidavits file by family friends here

Nancy Cooper's parents and twin sister have temporary emergency custody of the couple's two daughters, 4-year-old Bella and 2-year-old Katie.

Friday, Nancy's family and her husband, Brad are expected at the Wake County Courthouse so a judge can decide a long-term custody arrangement for the two girls.

In a petition the Rentz family filed last week, they claimed Brad Cooper wasn't a fit parent. Brad Cooper has been accused, by his wife's family, of having an affair and emotionally abusing his wife and children. The allegations have not been proven by police.

It's clear, through 118 pages of documents filed in court that Brad and Nancy Cooper had a tumultuous marriage.

In an affidavit Brad filed last week, he stated Nancy had drawn up divorce papers and he admits to having an affair. "Three years ago, I made a mistake while married to Nancy. I had a single indiscretion and slept with another woman one time," according to Brad in the written statement. "I tried to hide it from Nancy because I worried what it would do to our marriage and I deeply regretted (and still regret) that it happened."

That indiscretion happened in the Cooper home in Cary and according to Nancy's friends, it wasn't just a one-time incident. "While married to Nancy, Brad engaged in sexual intercourse with [another woman] in the children's room with his daughter present in the same room," one statement read.

In another statement Nancy Cooper's friends said, "From my personal knowledge about the history of the parties' marriage and the circumstances of Nancy's disappearance and death, I believe that Brad murdered Nancy."

That conclusion is drawn by Hannah Prichard, the woman who called 911 on July 12 to report Nancy Cooper missing almost seven hours after Brad Cooper says she left to go running.

Read those affidavits file by family friends here

Brad Cooper has told police he did not murder his wife. Despite a search of the couple's home and cars, and DNA samples taken from Brad Cooper, investigators have not named a suspect in the case.

In his affidavit filed in the custody case, Brad Cooper talks about the morning of his wife's disappearance. He says she went jogging at 7 a.m. and her girlfriends started calling after 10 a.m. "Between 10 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Nancy's friend called for Nancy. I told her Nancy was not home yet, but was probably having coffee with friends. I said I would have Nancy call her when she got home," Brad said.

Read Brad Cooper's affidavit here

Cooper went onto say, "At noon I began to get worried. I began calling Nancy's friends. By 1 p.m. I fed Bella and Katie lunch, dressed them, and put them in the car. We drove around looking for Nancy at the places she usually goes."

When Brad returned home, police where there in response to the first call made by Nancy's friend. All parties involved are expected to be in court Friday for the custody hearing between Brad and Nancy Cooper's parents.

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