No homeowner's insurance


Dawn Murphy purchased her home in May 2007. Along with the house purchase, she paid /*Farmers Insurance*/ $562 for her first year of protection.

Dawn didn't think about her policy again until a year later when her mortgage company called about the renewal information. From calling up Farmers Insurance, she learned that she did not have any protection on her home for the past year. Dawn tells /*Troubleshooter Diane Wilson*/, "They looked by my social security number, my birth date, my name, everything. And he said he couldn't find it."

Timothy Moore, the Farmers agent who sold Dawn the policy, confirmed that despite paying in full for the policy, Dawn didn't have it. She says, "What if something had happened, God forbid, a house fire, an electrical fire, anything? It was scary. I'm thankful nothing did happen."

Dawn wanted a full refund of the $562 she paid Farmers. She says she called and e-mailed several reps but never got it so she contacted Troubleshooter Diane Wilson. Three days after contacting the Troubleshooter, Farmers Insurance agent Timothy Moore hand delivered her refund.

She tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "I'm so glad you got involved. Thank you very much." Dawn's Farmers insurance agent never gave Troubleshooter Diane Wilson a reason Dawn didn't have a policy, despite paying for it, but did get her a full refund.

henever you sign up for a new insurance policy, after getting all the paperwork it's always good to just call your insurance company to confirm your coverage.

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