Police return to Cooper neighborhood, distribute flyers


Officers spent Saturday morning handing out flyers and talking to residents around the Lochmere subdivision where /*Nancy Cooper*/ lived.

The flyers read, "Information wanted for Cooper murder investigation."

Asking for the public's help raises questions for Bob Jones who lives near the Cooper's home.

"To me it tells me they know who did it," Jones said. "They're just trying to build a case."

Cooper's murder has drawn national attention. Friends say Nancy and /*Brad Cooper*/ were getting a divorce and had a tumultuous relationship.

Brad has not been named a suspect, but the couple's problems were discussed during the /*911 call*/ from Nancy's friend who reported her missing.

Nancy Cooper was first though to be missing two weeks ago Saturday after going out for a jog.

After a frantic two day search, a walker spotted Nancy's body a few miles from her Cary home in an unfinished subdivision.

With ribbons hang around trees and mailboxes in the Lochmere neighborhood in memory of Nancy. Police set up road block the last two weekends in the subdivision to pass out the flyers and look for information.

"They just stopped us long enough to hand those flyers and say if you have any info about this person, just give us a call," Jones said. "They had somebody over there. They said if you knew anything, they had somebody over there you could talk to."

Police aren't talking about their distribution of the flyers, only saying it is a standard investigative procedure to get more information.

Meantime, neighbors like Jones hope the efforts bring in new clues. "I think maybe it's a good idea they try to find out all the information they can while the trail is hot," he said.

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