Two Fayetteville students involved in deadly crash

FAYETTEVILLE Monday was the first day of band camp at Pine Forest High School. The two young men involved in the accident left school around 10 a.m. to get paint for their drums at a hardware store.

According to the Highway Patrol, 17-year-old Sir John Hampton was speeding when he lost control of his vehicle on a curve on Farmers Road and crashed through some trees then landed upside down inside the second story of a house.

Hampton was airlifted to Chapel Hill. He is in stable condition. His passenger, 18-year-old Vannie Parker V, was declared dead on the scene.

"Both of them are great guys, both of them good guys, never caused any trouble, very humble guys both of them," friend Brandon Wallace said.

Witness Alex Freits said Hampton and Parker were following them to Lowes to get supplies to paint the band's drums.

"Just looked in my review mirror and that's what happened," Freits said. "The car was just swerving. He lost control. We couldn't see anything after that."

"They were coming around the curve way too fast and the driver, Sir John, was already taken to the hospital, but Vannie's still in there and I don't know what's wrong," friend Lauren Calhoun added.

The Highway Patrol says Hampton lost control to the right, then pulled back onto the road and saw another vehicle coming head on.

"I guess he tried to over correct himself, came back and all I saw was him go into a yard. That's all I saw until we turned back around, came back in there and saw the car was sitting like this into the house," Eyewitness Brandon Wallace said.

Friends say the two young men were also members of the track team.

"It was just shocking to hear something like that happen, cause you never think it will happen to you or the people around you," classmate Tyrell Perrington said.

Counselors have already been talking with student to help them get through the tragedy.

"I was able to talk to the band students this morning when I returned back to school. And so we canceled Band Camp for this afternoon, there was suppose to be a second session, we canceled that. But Band Camp will go on starting tomorrow because we fell like that's what the two boys would want us to do," Pine Forest High School Principal Cindy McCormick said.

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