More warrants in Nancy Cooper murder

CARY The warrants are sealed and they do not say much in writing. But one legal expert says they speak "volumes" about where the case is headed.

The seal orders only show the address that's been searched and that the warrants have been sealed to protect the investigation and the right of a defendant to a fair trial.

When Cary Police searched Nancy Cooper's home and cars, and when they said publicly the search warrant also allowed them to get DNA from Nancy Cooper's husband --speculation rose.

But the search of the house and DNA warrant did not do much for Defense Attorney Karl Knudsen.

"It simply is a process by which a person can be included or excluded. So that doesn't necessarily say anything," Knudsen said.

But he says the seal order for a search warrant at Cisco systems says a lot.

Sources tell Eyewitness News the address listed on the seal order --a specific office in building 9 at 71 Kit Creek Road --is Brad Cooper's office.

That search took place out of the public eye and Knudsen says it means more than the earlier search.

"In order to even acquire a warrant to search a separate place connected to an individual there has to be probable cause for a judge to believe that that individual was connected with the commission of an offense and evidence would be found there," he said.

Knudsen, a former prosecutor and longtime defense attorney, suspects one of the things the search at Cisco concentrated on was Cooper's computers. Exactly what, if anything was turned up on Cooper is sealed up in the search warrant.

"It's pretty clear now that he's a suspect. Not just a person of interest, but a suspect," Knudsen said.

Also a third warrant has been issued in the case. And the order sealing it does not describe where or who it was for, only that it regards the Nancy Cooper homicide investigation.

"Since we have no clue what place got searched or what they were looking for, this doesn't tell either the general public or either the suspect where the investigation is going or where it is likely to lead," Knudsen said.

Cary Police continue to say they do not have a person of interest or a suspect in the case.

Brad Cooper's attorneys say he has told police he didn't kill his wife and he has been charged with nothing.

A hearing on unsealing the search warrant in the case will be held Thursday.

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