Another student charged in NC State shooting

RALEIGH Whitney Blakeney is charged with being an accessory after the fact. NC State Police also accuse the 19-year-old of selling marijuana at her Wolf Village apartment.

The shooting happened Monday morning near the intersection of Western Boulevard and Gorman Street -- on the western edge of NC State's campus. Two people were shot as they sat in a gazebo at a student apartment complex.

Three have been arrested and charged with one count of attempted murder and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon to inflict serious injury.

The suspects are Ryan Alexander Barnes, 20, Leroy Barnes Jr., 19,and Terrell Maurice Grimes, 16. Ryan Barnes is a sophomore at NC State, the other two suspects are unaffiliated with the university.

All three suspects made court appearances Tuesday and were given point appointed attorneys and no reduction in a $1 million bond.

Their next court date is scheduled for 2 p.m. September 19.

The judge did not allow families or spectators in court Tuesday due to security reasons.

NC State University Police say all three suspects are members of the Crips gang. The male shooting victim is also members but of a different subset, and there was a dispute between him and the suspects.

Neither of the victims are students. A woman in her late teens was shot in her foot and a 20-year-old man was shot the abdomen. Both are expected to survive. Campus police aren't releasing their names for their safety.

Officers gathered evidence, took photos and literally followed a trail of blood from the gazebo to the front desk where one of the victims went for help. Ambulances carried the pair to Wake Med.

"This doesn't appear to be a random act of violence, it appears to be targeted in nature," NCSU Police Capt. Jon Barnwell said.

NC State junior, Chase Lingle is living at Wolf Village while he takes summer courses.

An officer had to escort him to his room early Monday morning.

"It's a little concerning because it just happened over here. You know, I go out, to go to MacDonald's get something to eat late at night and hang out down on Gorman Street so it's a little concerning," Lingle said.

There is concern that even a campus is not immune to gun violence.

"We are an urban environment, located not only in Raleigh, but almost downtown in a city as large as Raleigh, that we're not in a bubble. And from time to time a criminal element will bleed over into the campus community," Barnwell said.

Still, it's hitting home on a campus with a string of recent crimes.

In March, a grad student was robbed at gunpoint on campus; two other students were held up at knifepoint. A month later, five teenagers attacked a student near the baseball field.

Meanwhile, across the Triangle at UNC, students and employees reacted to the second strong-armed robbery on campus in as many weeks.

"It is unusual, I heard it on the Channel 11 news this morning, and it kind of took me for a spin there for a few minutes," former UNC employee George McMiller said.

The most recent holdup was of a man in his 20's walking with his sister, a block from Franklin Street, when he was grabbed from behind, thrown to the ground and robbed.

A UNC police officer heard shouts and chased the suspect, who got away.

The chief says Carolina is safe, but not immune from violent crime.

"Some of the folks that prey on our folks on campus know that there will be a certain number of people walking around late at night, and they're looking for victims," UNC Police Chief Jeff McCracken said.

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