Lack of funding creates lack of swimming pools


The final stop the is the Seabrook Recreation Center Swimming Pool. It's the only public pool in the city.

Veronica Snead drove from Eastover for a /*swim*/.

"It's a really far drive," Snead said. "I mean, we've taken advantage of the swimming lessons but...and then we'll stay and swim. But it would be nice if we had one closer to home."

Parent Leighann Gilluly agrees that would be nice. "Because the only other closest thing to us really is the Fort Bragg pools. And if you're not military you can't go out there."

The City of Fayetteville has hoped to build new pools, but a bond to provide money for the project was rejected.

The city has a splash pad at the J.S. Spivey Recreation Center on Old Wilmington Road, but Seabrook is the only place you can take a dip.

"Forty or 50 kids are dropped off at a bus load," parent Jenean Flanagan explained. "We sit here and watch two, three buses line up and drop kids off. It's packed and we have to leave because it becomes unsafe."

Organizations like the Boys and Girls Club schedule pool time at Seabrook.

"We've got how many of these dinosaur recreation parks that are never used that we spend at least $34,000 on," Flanagan said. "If we just had three less of those, we could have one more pool on another side of the county."

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