Robbery, hostage situation at lingerie store

FAYETTEVILLE, NC The standoff happened when Fayetteville Police were called to Perscilla's Lingerie on Sycamore Dairy Road just after 12:30 p.m. The call originally came in as a robbery in progress. But police quickly discovered it was much more than that.

"The suspect walked into the business and had a device in his hand that appeared to look like a bomb. And at that time that when one of the workers in the business called the Police Department." Police Spokesman Lt. David Sportsman said.

What started as a robbery turned into a hostage situation with an alleged bomb.

"Well, it developed into a hostage situation once the officers got on the scene. He was talking to dispatch letting them know that he was still inside the building so the officers didn't go inside," Sportsman said.

Then, the suspect demanded to speak to a homicide detective from the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office.

"Apparently Detective Charlie Disponzio, that's the person --the detective that he referred to. He does know him," Sportsman said.

Detective Disponzio responded to the scene, however, before he was able to talk to the subject, he surrendered without further incident.

Police shut down Sycamore Dairy Road from McPherson Church Road to Bragg Boulevard. Several businesses near Priscilla's, like C.A. Robertson's furniture store were evacuated.

"We went inside the store and locked it down and the SWAT team came to the door and said for us to evacuate the building. And I've been over here across the street kind of watching. But it looks like the guy came out," furniture store owner C.A. Robertson said.

The incident ended when the suspect walked out of the store and police took him into custody. The one hostage --the store manager-- that was being held was released unharmed.

The manager, whose name will not be released at this time, is currently being interviewed by detectives.

Officers later learned that the subject allowed two customers to leave the business prior to the officers' arrival. The identities of those two customers are unknown at this time.

Fayetteville Police Detectives charged Matthew Alexander Rivera, 27, of Hope Mills with second degree kidnapping and perpetrating a hoax. Rivera is currently in the Cumberland County Detention Center under a $25,000.00 bond.

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