Man on trial for shooting daughter's boyfriend

RALEIGH, NC On Monday, the trial of 46-year-old Warren Clifford, who is charged with the murder of his daughter's boyfriend, began.

The first witness called in the case was the Clifford's daughter Camille, who was also the girlfriend of the victim and mother of the victim's baby.

Before she got to the witness stand, she announced to the courtroom that she would not testify in front of an Eyewitness News camera. Nor did Camille Clifford want her picture taken outside the courtroom or inside, so the judge ordered that only the audio of her testimony be recorded.

Warren Clifford at times cried during his daughter's testimony about how he shot her boyfriend, Antony Judd who was also known as A.J.

"I'd never seen a gunshot before until that day. Like I've never seen one before, but I just seen that flash. I really didn't know, realize what had happened until he had fell over," Camille Clifford said.

Camille says her father spent an entire Saturday in November trying to repair the car that belonged her and Judd. But Judd was no where around until late in the day when he came to the Clifford home near Zebulon.

That's when Warren Clifford, according to testimony, became angry because Judd had not helped him work on the car.

Eyewitnesses, including an aunt who raised Judd, Adrian Michelle Champion, said the two began to argue and their confrontation became heated.

Then Clifford went into his house and returned with a .45 caliber pistol.

"Mr. Clifford turned around and pointed the gun at A.J. and I was thinking he wasn't gonna do it, but he shot and I turned my head so I couldn't see my nephew get shot. I heard A.J. yell. He was like 'Awotch'," Champion said.

Under cross examination, Clifford's daughter admitted that her boyfriend, A.J., was at times violent.

She told jurors she has lost some of her memory and couldn't recall her reaction to the shooting.

But Champion says she did remember.

"We heard Camille screaming, 'Dad, stop'," Champion said.

Warren Clifford's attorney told jurors that while he admitted to the shooting the father of his daughter's baby, he did so in self defense.

Just how Clifford will make that case we may not know until the defense gets its turn at presenting evidence.

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