Suspended principal requests reassignment


The suspension comes at the same time his school is being investigated for testing irregularities.

School board members are meeting Tuesday night to decide whether to grant a school transfer request to /*Knightdale Elementary*/ Principal Michael Williams.

He was suspended with pay on July 14, but /*Eyewitness News*/ does not why.

"Because of employee confidentiality laws we cannot discuss why disciplinary action was taken," Michael Evans, Wake County Public School System, said.

Williams was suspended after the Department of Instruction began investigating testing irregularities on the N.C. End-of-Grade exams.

"We're required by law to notify them of any testing variation," Evans said. "It could be as simple as not following instructions when giving tests out. We don't see anything larger than a procedural violation here but we'll let them make the final call."

Wake School officials say it appears to be a minor infraction and likely deals with a very small number of tests that were administered.

"The instructions are very precise on how you give tests," Evans explained. "If you deviate from these instructions at all, it's a technical violation of those testing procedures. We are conducting an ongoing investigation but again it appears to be a procedural, not a large scale kind of issue so we don't expect any sort of large ramification from it."

The investigation could result in something as minor as throwing out the few affected tests or suspending administrators.

Eyewitness News tried contacting Principal Williams for a comment, but did not reach him.

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