UNC doctor accused of sex abuse

According to the New York Times, more than 40 men now say they were fondled by Doctor Melvin Levine. But his supporters say the claims are false.

Doctor Levine's attorney works on Fayetteville Street in downtown Raleigh.

He says the allegations of sex abuse are false, but one of Levine's former North Carolina patients is detailing the alleged abuse.

Doctor Levine has been on Oprah, authored several best-selling books and has been hailed for his work with children struggling in school.

But his merits have been marred by a series of accusations by former male patients.

"Each of them describes being brought into an examining room, each of them describes being told to undress, each of them describes having their genitals fondled," attorney Carmen Durso said.

At first a handful, now almost 50 males claim they were sexually abused by Doctor Levine --according to the New York Times.

"Dr. Levine categorically and emphatically denies any allegations that he has ever inappropriately touched any of his patients," Levine's Attorney Alan Schneider said.

The alleged incidents happened at both UNC and the children's hospital in Boston.

One of Levine's former UNC patients says he went to see him as a child for a learning disability.

He claims Doctor Levine examined him alone in the room, asked him to strip and rubbed his genitals.

The attorney representing accusers in North Carolina was not available for comment Wednesday.

"I've had a very positive experience," mother Jean Winborne Boyles said.

Boyles says she never thought twice about leaving her son with Levine.

"I do remember he would always come out and say, I'm going to do a physical exam now. I expected that. That's one of the reasons I went to someone who was a pediatrician and an M.D. as opposed to a mere psychologist," Boyles said.

Levine's attorney says the physical exams were necessary to determine learning disabilities.

Accusers say it was physical abuse and have filed several lawsuits against him.

Doctor Levine voluntarily suspended his medical license a few months ago while the state medical board does their investigation.

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