Program connects new mothers with resources


/*Durham Connects*/ provides new mommies with resources they need for their /*newborn*/ baby.

Nurses will travel to the home of any new Durham County mom at no charge.

Income is not a factor and families can get up to three free in-home visits if needed. They began testing the program in July, visiting nearly a hundred homes, the program which currently has seven nurses hopes to increase that number to 20 total.

Martha Beach, a Durham Connects nurse, says it helps so many new moms. "Families with new babies need the support of various agencies," she said. "That is why this is such an important statement Durham is making [by] putting their resources behind meeting the needs of families."

One family Eyewitness News visited said they learned a lot about how to take care of their newborn and learned about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. They were also connected to other resources on how to get cribs, support and other programs.

They have broken Durham County into 20 geographic neighborhoods. Each will have a nurse working specifically with that area.

Until they fill all the slots, not every area is covered. Click here to find out if your neighborhood is included or log on to

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