Former NCCU administrator bonds out of jail


According to an arrest warrant obtained by /*Eyewitness News*/, former Associate Vice /*Chancellor Franklin Carver*/ bonded out on $2,500.

He's charged with two counts of obtaining property under false pretense.

The warrant sates Carver "did knowingly and designedly with the intent to cheat and defraud, obtain or attempt to obtain $2,000 in US Currency from /*North Carolina Central University*/ by means of a false pretense which was calculated to deceive and did deceive."

The false pretense consists of Carver misrepresenting a woman, who he said was a research assistant with the Bayer Corporation and needed funds to conduct a series of presentations. In fact, the woman was not a research scientist and did not work with Bayer.

The misinformation was allegedly presented to the NCCU purchasing office for the purpose of obtaining money.

In the second count, Carver is accused of presenting fraudulent documentation claiming another professional needed money to conduct a presentation. Those claims were also determined to be false and Carver allegedly submitted those documents documentation in order to receive money from NCCU.

The discrepancies were discovered after an internal audit, which released its finding in February.

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