Man pleads guilty to endangering public health

RALEIGH A Wake County man takes plea agreement for allegedly endangering public health by exposing others to HIV.

Joshua Weaver plead guilty to health code violation Friday in court for alleged multiple violations between August 2006 to April 2006.

"The fact that this happened over and over again is what caused this to come to court today," said Boz Zellinger with the District Attorney's Office.

The 23-year-old disc jockey faced charges of violating the state's public health control law by exposing partners to an incurable, sexually transmitted disease. No one will name his specific offense citing medical privacy laws.

A judge sentenced Weaver to 30 months probation and a 45 day suspended jail sentence.

The judge also ordered Weaver to refrain from having sex unless he uses a condom and must tell past and future partners of any infection.

He will be allowed to keep his jobs as a DJ in the Triangle and at a gay and lesbian club in Wilmington, but he must stay away from clubs if he is not working.

Wake County Prosecutors charged Weaver with failure to use protection during sexual intercourse, in violation of the state's control measures for HIV. They also accused him of not notifying his sexual partners that he is HIV-positive.

North Carolinians diagnosed with HIV are obligated under the law to limit others' exposure to the virus that can lead to AIDS. Carriers are required to sign an agreement that orders them to practice safe sex and be honest with partners about their status.

"They have to avoid having sex with people without letting them know that they're HIV positive and without using condoms," Wake County Public Health Gibby Harris said.

The penalty for violating the law holds a maximum of up to two years in prison. Wake County health officials say they haven't brought a case like this to court in more than 15 years.

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