Troubleshooter: Roofing Runaround

RALEIGH Matthew and Gwen Hammaker got the new roof back in 2006. They paid Olde Raleigh Roofing nearly $14,000 to do the job.

The new roof came with a 30 year warranty. Soon after getting the new roof, they say they had problems. Matthew Hammaker tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "Within about month it started leaking." Matthew says it took a few days, but crews from Olde Raleigh Roofing did come out to his house.

However, he says they couldn't find the leak.

The Hammaker's waited for the next heavy downpour and Matthew says the water came in once again. He adds, "They came out and looked at it but they couldn't find the issue, yet again." So the Hammaker's were back to waiting until the next heavy rain. Matthew says, "Third time month and a half later, it just poured and we called everyone again. In three to four days they came out."

Matthew says they tweaked a few things on the roof and he was hoping that would solve the problem, but he says things got messier. He adds, "June 24th we were here it just poured, water came in all over the TV, all over my deer heads. I'll pay for another TV. I can't get another deer head."

Matthew says they made several calls to Olde Raleigh Roofing. He adds, "Hey, we got a leaky roof. It's the same deal, same thing as last time. Are you going to send someone out? We never got a call back, no one ever showed up." The Hammaker's filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau but that didn't get them any relief either so they called Troubleshooter Diane Wilson. He says, "I just want it fixed and want to make sure that we have a guarantee."

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson got in touch with the owner of Olde Raleigh Roofing. He said he would send someone out to look at it. But he said the roof doesn't leak it's a problem with the Hammaker's siding and the mortar around their chimney. He said it needs to be re-done. We were there when crews came out to the Hammaker's house. No one wanted to talk on camera but the crew did say they found the moisture problem. They also added they re-nailed and re-shingled the bad areas and addressed other trouble spots.

And the good news, the Hammaker's say so far so good. They haven't had any leaks and they're yet and hoping it stays that way. They tell me they believe this last crew fixed their problems and they're happy it finally looks like their problem has been taken care of.

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