Cumberland parents want drivers to slow down


There are a lot of children waiting on corners for buses and even walking to school.

Parents of children who attend Ben Martin Elementary School say being a crossing guard in front of the school Reilly Road has to be one of the most dangerous hobs in Cumberland County.

"I've been doing this for two years now and sometimes this is scary," parent Beth Willbond said. "I feel really bad for the crossing guard cause sometimes it's like, are they going to get hit?"

Parent Karyna said she drops her son off at the bus stop every morning and picks him up in the evening. "They're [crossing guards] pretty good about getting them across. The cars are actually kind of slowing down since our accident."

The wreck in December of 2006 killed three people not far from the school, including one student, Joshua Griffin.

The traffic on Reilly Road can be treacherous, especially during school hours and just like last year, parents are lining the street telling driver to slow down.

Many of the drivers on Reilly Road are headed to Fort Bragg and don't pay attention when they are in school zones.

"Sometimes they're going through, they're not paying attention," Crossing Guard Kitty Griffith said. "They're going through the crosswalk. We're in the middle of the crosswalk and they're still driving. Women are the worst with cell phones and not paying attention."

Parent Like Willbond said he doesn't know how drivers don't pay attention because there are speed signs. "But the big problem is people coming off post or going to post, [they] are just flying through, in a hurry, running late," he explained.

The campaign is called "Kill Speed before it Kills You." Authorities have beefed up patrols around schools, and if you get caught, you will get a ticket.

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